Udhëtimi i Lirë


The Association "Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare" and the Municipality of Tropoja held together in Tropoja, the 5-day Summer Camp activity, dedicated to young people representing the Local Youth Council of Tropoja, within the project "Active Tropoja Youths for our Municipality" supported from the project #EU4Municipalities project and funded by the European Union.

During these days, the young people conducted trainings on various topics related to the functioning of their role as members of the LYC.

Following the theme of 2023 as the Year of Skills, young people were given the opportunity to put everyone's skills into practice.

During the experience of this camp, the young people of Tropoja had the opportunity to exchange their experiences with the young people from the LYCs of Kavaja and Durrës.