Udhëtimi i Lirë


The association “Udhetim i Lire – Liberi di Viaggiare” organized some activities on International Youth Day (12 August 2021) in Durres. In the activities participated youths from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia. The activities were an opportunity for youth from 3 countries to learn from best practices at the local level, to know structures that support such practices in Durres, Albania as well as to know the history of the city. During the first part of the day 19 youths from the 3 countries visited the Multifunctional Youth Center “Udhetim i Lire – Liberi di Viaggiare” and met their peers that frequentes the center and organize activities in Durres. Participants share good examples related to participation of youth in the socio-cultural life of the city, engagement of youths in the civil society sector and benefits that have the participation of local, national, regional and international activities. During the conversation youths saw that they have so many things in common and can learn from the best practices of each other.

After that, the youths had a meeting with the Director of Youth, Culture, Education, Sports and Religious Communities in Durres Municipality. They discuss the participation of youths in the decision making process, the opportunities that Durres Municipality offers for youths to contribute to their local community. In the meeting was also a representative from RYCO (Regional Youth Cooperation Office). She explained the youths' different programs of RYCO that can bring together youths from Western Balkan countries. In the third part activists from Association “Udhetim i Lire – Liberi di Viaggiare” that have been trained as Tour Guide for Durres organized a guide in the historical part of the city. Youths visited Byzantine Forum, Amphitheatre, Venetian Tower and Archeological Museum and learned more about the history, culture and evaluation of the city in different times.

The activities were organized by the CC member of URI in Albania Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare in partnership with CC member of URI Bosnia & Herzegovina Youth for Peace. They are part of another project, that aims to create a favorable environment where young people from the three partners, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania and Serbia can come together and have a transformative experience for a dialogue and mutual understanding. The project is implemented by lead partner Youth for Peace (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Udhetim i Lire – Liberi di Viaggiare (Albania) and Balkans let’s get up! (Serbia) and financed by Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO and European Union.