Earth Day 2020


Like every other year, the "Udhëtim i Lirë - Liberi di Viaggiare" held an event on April 22, Earth Day. Due to the measures taken, the meeting took place online this time and aimed to raise awareness among young people about the protection of the Earth.

The young people were presented with materials that showed facts about soil pollution. They clearly showed how worrying the current environmental situation is, and that if we continued at this pace, we would soon face even greater difficulties. Based on the latter, 27 participants shared their ideas and thoughts on what we can do to improve the situation, starting with us as individuals, then as a social group and continuing with other links in society. In this conversation, many of them also shared their individual experiences in the field of environment. Participation in environmental activity at local and international level. Based on this, they also gave the perspectives that different countries have on environmental problems and the concrete actions they take to improve the environment.

In the next presentation, the young people were shown the activities and projects that the Association "Udhëtim i Lirë - Liberi di Viaggiare" has developed over the years and the contribution it has given to improving the environment at the local level. In this part the participants felt involved as most of the activities they had attended and seen the results concretely. This moment also served as an incentive to carry out other activities or adapt the activities carried out online, in order to increase awareness among young people and residents of the city of Durres.

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