Udhëtimi i Lirë

Description of the meeting

The Association "Udhëtim i Lirë - Liberi di Viaggiare" has continued with the activities planned within the project "Composting on farm - for Mitigation of Climate Changes" despite the difficult and unusual situation created by the COVID-19 virus. The project is funded by the Bulgarian Embassy under the "Official Development Assistance" program. Its purpose is to contribute to better waste management through the composting of organic waste on farms to mitigate climate change and economic compatibility in the circulating economy in the Durrës Region.

So far, all planned activities have been successfully completed, starting with the signing of five cooperation agreements with farmers involved in the project, which belong to the Sukth Administrative Unit. After signing they started working on setting up composting easels so we could gain time to get the first compost. The signing of cooperation agreements with the schools "Eneida", "Ibrahim Kodra", "Migjeni" and "Mihal Ekonomi" was also an important step. It was followed by the placement of differentiated baskets in the aforementioned high schools. The bins have the following divisions: organic waste, paper, metal and plastic. The information meetings would be a continuation of the placement of the bins, but due to the situation created by the global pandemic, COVID-19, the students did not have the opportunity to develop them. Therefore, in cooperation with the school directorates, it was decided that the meetings be held online so that the necessary information could be disseminated.

The next activity was a presentation meeting of the project "Composting on farm - for Mitigation of Climate Changes". It was held online and the participants were: Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Albania Mrs. Maria Peeva, Prof. Doc. Shpend Shahini, expert, Mrs. Miranda Mansaku, project coordinator, teacher and student of the schools envisaged in the project as well as volunteers of the association interested in the composting process.

Participants were initially given a presentation of the work done in these months (described above) and the continuation of subsequent activities. An illustrative video of the stages of the composting process was also presented in these minutes. It was followed by questions and discussions addressed to the expert and project coordinator.

The special feature of this online meeting was that in addition to presenting the project, it also broke the barriers created in this pandemic situation. It was somewhat unusual for some of the association's volunteers and staff who are used to sharing discussions and ideas together at the Free Multi-Functional Youth Travel Center - Liberi di Viaggiare, but that's just the beginning of the conversation.

Today's meeting will be followed by several online meetings that Expert Prof. Doc. Shpend Shahini will hold in the coming weeks. Meetings will be held in groups determined by schools.

The meeting ended with the desire and wish that we all overcome this situation as soon as possible. Let's go back to our daily activities and pace without being endangered by Corona Virus.