A short gateway to Albania flight GYCC- UiL – 1024!


Hello passengers of GYCC-1024 and members of the URI family! ✈️🤗. It was a great honour flying together with you to Albania on our virtual flight on the 24th October!

We appreciate the time and effort given by our dedicated crew members and we look forward to our next trip! 👩‍✈️👨‍✈️ Hope you would join us on the next exciting journey and do help us to share the wonderful experience you had with us. 🌎

Don’t forget to tag us! 😉

As we are all stuck at our homes because of Covid-19 pandemic, URI Global Youth CC and Udhetim i Lire URI Europe CC organized virtual flight to Albania.

This was an amazing opportunity to learn more about Albania, to see what this beautiful country has to offer and to learn more abou great projects that are implemented by Udheim i Lire, only URI Europe CC in Albania.

In case that you missed this adventure, you can check the video:

We want to thank you URI Global Youth CC and Udhetim i Lire URI Europe CC for organizing this and we are looking forward to the next flight.

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