Udhëtimi i Lirë

Our organization has just embarked on a new journey – the project titled “Green Up!”. The project has been created in the collaboration with 6 organizations from all over the world:

* Udhëtim i Lirë – Liberi di Viaggiare from Albania
* LUNEnuove Cooperativa Sociale from Italy
* Narandzasti from Serbia
* Young Biologists Association from Georgia
* Tunisian Scout from Tunisia
* Chrześcijańska Służba Charytatywna from Poland

The objectives of the project are:1) Equipping the young people in competences which will help them in promoting the protection of natural environment,
2) Increasing the civic responsibility towards nature attitude in young people around the partner organizations,
3) Promoting the attitudes of social inclusion, especially the inclusion of young people with disabilities,
4) Raising awareness about Earth pollution and giving the young people a space to discuss the real solutions.

The project is funded within the EU Erasmus+ programme. We will keep you updated about the proceedings of the project.