About Us

The Association "Udhëtim i lirël - Liberi di viaggiare (Uil-LdV)" was created in June 2015 by a decision of the Tirana Judicial District Court. Uil-LdV is a non-profit, independent, nongovernmental, non-profit organization that pursues no profit goals and is open to all who work to achieve its goals. Although created a few years ago, UiL-LdV is making a serious effort to become a factor in achieving sustainable and positive change in the Durres Region, with emphasis on issues of tourism development, promotion of historical values, heritage and culture. local, technology development, youth and environmental protection.

Since its creation, through its capacity building activities, educational, advocacy and information initiatives, the UiL association has become an important factor of civil society in the Durres Region. It has clear goals related to establishing partnerships with organizations with the same focus, joining regional networks, promoting donors, developing and managing projects aimed at educating and developing local communities as well as delivering activities with direct impact to the environment, educating the younger generation, and promoting youth tourism through visual arts.

Implemented activities

The relatively recent history of the association has not been a deterrent to the implementation of numerous local and national activities, some of which have been made possible thanks to the support provided by the Municipality of Durres. Such activities include:

• Earth Day public awareness events on April 22, 2016 and 2017, organized in collaboration with the Earth Day Network and the Municipality of Durres and the Regional Education Directorate (RED).
• Photo Exhibitions “Durres 2016”, “Talent 2016”, “Sustainable Tourism 2017” and “Gavril Priftuli 2017”, organized with high school students of Durres District, in cooperation with Durres Municipality and RED.
• Mobility Week, 17 - 22 September 2017 in cooperation with the Municipality of Durres and other NGOs in Durres, under the auspices of the EU Delegation in Tirana.
• Essay Competition “Leadership in Civil Society”, organized by students from Albanian and Kosovar universities, in cooperation with the Leadership Development Association Albania and Kosovo, YOU Care and National Youth Congress.

Our Team

Miranda Mansaku
Executive Director
Armela Bejko
Trainer and Expert
Malvin Uruçi
Information Technology

Within the span of three years, the Association has enabled membership in several NGO networks such as the Anna Lindth Foundation, the National Youth Congress, Earth Day, and the Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform. In cooperation with local institutions, the Association has signed cooperation programs with Durres and Shijak Municipalities, Durres Regional Council, Durres Education Directorate, and Naim Frasheri and Gjergj Kastioti General High Schools in Durres.

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